I recently purchased a USED 2017 Chevy Impala LT mid-trim level model V6 for a great deal, with 28,000 miles for $19,000. That is a ton of miles for a year old car, but it is in great shape. The car invoiced for $33,000 brand new for the LT trim, which is still not bad for all the car you are getting.

The values on these cars drop like a dime and you can get them for such good deals, including the La Crosse because nobody wants them and I honestly don’t know why since they are wonderful cars that are well put together with no problems or any recalls, they have loads of power, and are comfortable n quiet to boot.

The Premium models used are the one to get if you have the money, but the LT V6 trim is a perfect balance without all the added safety features that could go wrong or fail in the future.

All I can say is that I love it, and really don’t get the whole GM is still making junk and has poor quality because I don’t see it in this car.

Sure they’re some small things that seem a bit cheap, like the volume control knob and certain trim pieces, but did you know that the armrest hinges are metal and not plastic? It feels heavy and sturdy, while 99% of every other car uses plastic and they all feel extremely flimsy and crappy.

The car feels solid, the doors close with a nice “Thunk” sound, it has no rattles, BUT, this is one area I would really like to know why in the hell does GM still use door locks that stick up from the door panel like the old schoolers from the past?

The problem with these locks is that they are all are loose in the socket, so when driving over some really rough streets, they tend to rattle!

It’s unacceptable for this to happen and could have easily been avoided if they simply didn’t even have door locks like ones designed from the 70’s-80’s in a brand new Impala. Now that is cheap and just plain stupid. Someone at the factory should have caught that and said something. I fixed the issue by wrapping small amount of felt tape around and inside the door lock retainer and now they don’t rattle anymore.

But for the little things GM seem to look over, the rest of the car is flawless, including the fit and finish and quality of materials for a car in thise price range and it being a Chevy.

Plus the car feels borderline luxurious and gives off this upscale image, not like the bland and boring previous gen Impalas.

GM truly did a great job with the Epsilon II platform, and I honestly feel that the Impala and La Crosse are very underrated vehicles in GM’s lineup that are great performers. Everyone that rides in my car, from friends to family, all compliment it, and say “Wow I can’t believe this is an Impala, it’s so nice!”

I wonder why? Who’s to blame here? I totally agree that GM’s marketing division is horrific!! WTH do these guys do all day long? Why isn’t the Impala front and center, and advertised on TV ever? What about the XTS?

No wonder sales of these cars are in the dumpster because GM hasn’t been marketing these cars to customers, letting them know how great they are and why they should buy them. It’s just common sense, and GM sometimes seems so airheaded and retarded that they shouldn’t be shocked when the sales results are poor from these models since they never bothered to show them off.

GM comes off as being desperate, none of their AD’s for Chevy are emotionally engaging or do anything that makes you want to go out and buy a Malibu, a Cruze or even an Impala. This terrible marketing is probably one of the bigger reasons why the company is suffering major losses in the midsize car segment.

It isn’t their quality as their new cars are really really nice and competitive with the best of them.

Also the notion that GM vehicles continue to be unreliable is another great point in why their sedans sales are low. People default to Honda and Toyo for right reasons, and this will never change, even though they aren’t that much better than the competition anymore, in many cases the competition has surpassed them.

Big cars like the Impala drive extremely nice for almost the same amount of money for a typical Camry and Accord, riding in a new Honda Accord, and back in my Impala was like a night and day difference, the Impala feels very spacious, has tons of legroom, a smoother quieter ride, with a more solid feeling compared to the Accord, sure the Accord has slightly better tech, but on an overall scale, the Impala destroys the Accord.

Another reason why I love American sedans is because of their smoother ride quality, less interior noise, and generally heavier curb weight makes the car feel much more substantial vs a Japanese or even Korean cars like a Hyundai Sonata which feels like a toy in comparison.

The value you get from an Impala is tremendous, it’s one of the largest large cars out there, is around the same price for a typical V6 equipped midsize sedan, but yet you will get more room inside, a huge trunk, a powerful 3.6 V6 engine, a body style that is attractive, upscale, and bold, and is a great car to drive.

I guess the large car segment is dying, and it is sad. The Impala actually isn’t that much bigger than most midsizers, yet behind the wheel, it feels and drives small. I think if more potential buyers test drove Impalas, they would want one over say a Fusion or a Camry. But GM really does need to refresh the Impala in order to stay competitive in the market as the model design is already 4 years old, Honda, Toyo, Hyundai all have completely redone their model lineup and they look far more modern and new while the Impala’s interiors are starting to look a little dated, including the exterior design, although the car is still great in its own right, it’s just in the day where everybody wants the latest and greatest thing, GM needs to update the Impala.

Let’s just hope the model isn’t discontinued, since sales are way done, and hardly anybody is buying them.